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The Hausa Girl I Will Never Forget - Gidipal

She came to my place after begging her for days, she had a beautiful face
gave her a hug and wanted to give her a peck
she don’t let me,but what the heck
saw a Gold necklace on her neck ^_^
in my mind i said God had Buttered my bread
“you are so cute” i said
told her to come sit on my bed
she rejected with a smile that could make any guy drop dead
her abaya was designed in a colorful red
i offered drink and snack
she only wanted water
she caught my attention
my life was in her detention
i said “babe i have a question

she smiled and asked what
Oh My God she was too hot
then i said “you are not the one on your profile
she gave me a smile and kept Quite for a while
then told me its her style
i wish i had known
i would have prepared better
because this girl is in a class of her own
and maybe her house will be a military zone
she started
  pressing her phone
so i grabbed the phone
she laughed then said i should leave her alone
told her am not a bank
we played till it was dark
but she wasn’t happy to be frank
she wanted to stay a little longer
but she won’t dare defile her strict father
truth be told i was much sadder
cos i enjoyed touching her
and today is the last day before she goes back to school in dubai
tears dropping down her eyes
i told her don’t cry
she said i won’t understand why
i told her that was a lie
she smiled and kept quiet for a while
she stood and push me to the wall
her phone was ringing but she ignored the call
she tore up the shirt i was putting on
which i bought from “bend down selectshopping mall :)
she started kissing me
she won’t let me be
she then opened her cloth 3:)
heaven was all i could see
never thought my hands will hold her naked curves
she wanted to make love to the one she loves
this is what true love does
blood on the bed,never knew she was a virgin 8|
after a while she started dressing all of a sudden -_-
i waved her good bye
she turned,came back,hugged me and told me good night
She came online and uploaded the selfie we took together
this love seems it will last for ever
she tagged it with “i love you boo” 8|
i commented i love you too
i woke up
i had a wonder full night
then i saw the bright sun light
tried calling her to wish her safe journey
her number don’t go through
i believed she must be in her flight
yeah i must be right
days went by she wasn’t online and i don’t even have her address
my life turned in to a mess
i had to put myself together
i shouldn’t hurt myself any further
girls are plenty i could get another
so many fishes in the river but she was a big whale
wanted to sell my sole to the devil
so he could walk in my shoes and maybe feel my pain :'(
i was insane
i couldn’t move on
i had to find one of her friend though her profile
and i was ready to see her
i could go an extra mile
but the friend told me something that broke my heart
“she is happily married
damn i couldn’t stand it….
i wanted revenge at all cost
maybe cos am poor so i need to be successful, i most!
I deactivated my account
i hustled around
The bible said fear north
so i went down south
i don’t run my mouth
i was looking for something that will just work out
it been 4years now i made it
going through my news feed
saw a status about a pregnant woman that died
i said to my self i must read
after reading i cried
because it was my dream girl that died
she was forcefully married to the husband
she was beaten to death by her husband
i was so sad
i was so mad
i was confused
i wanted to kill her dad
he took a diamond i once had
i commented r.i.p
her friend message me
that she wanted to see me
we met and her confession pained me
she said “maryam and her family moved to dubai
she told me what happened that night
before she traveled i hid her phone and changed her password
and it took a while before she created a new account
luckily she never found you again on the social network
she sent me to look for you
but i lied you died in an accident
cos i never wanted her to have anything to do with a poor guy
she never stopped thinking of you even in her death bed
she was happy she will finally join you
then i told her the truth,she started crying and crying
till she gave up the ghost
the truth is all i have said
she got married some months back”
i told aisha i have forgiven her
i drove off with my car
stopped close to a bar
i had to stand firm
in life there is a lot to learn
i am thankful for those i met
cos it made my life reset
maryam will be happy for me i bet
she is the hausa girl i will never forget :)

Poem written by M craj Gidipal  | Photo Credit                      |


  1. It's my pleasure to be the first person to comment on this beautiful poem. It was so real I forgot my data was running out, it never occurred to me that I should bookmark this page for a later read. R.I.P Maryamm if you ever walked the surface of this earth.

  2. Thanks for the comment FastClick...and thanks for the KIND words!


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