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Oga Skempo by Femi Blaze

Skempo had called me before. Several times even though I've rarely ever dialed his number. But today I'm going to meet him, in person. I quickly jogged to the tailor to wipe one of my clothes. I swept my room twice. The C.E.O of TolaGrafiks is coming to Dungeon home in Ikire. It's a dream day.

Around 5pm, another call came in. I was sure it was him. I quickly picked the call. "Hello sir", I said. "Hello Femi. I just arrived back in Ikire now. I'm at Naira and Kobo. Can you take a bike and come meet me there", Oga Skempo said. I wanted to laugh, not only at the strange way he pronounced "naira and kobo" but also because he has learnt a lot about me from reading my piece. He knows for sure I won't take a bike, I'm economic type. I watch my spending like an Agbero watching over a bus stop. . I chuckle. "Ok sir", I replied, "I'm on my way right now".

I rush to realigned my room mat and start jogging towards Naira and Kobo. I couldn't wait to meet Oga Skempo. I took the shortest land route, Achiever's backyard and cris-cross my way to the front of Ikire microfinance bank.

My head race back to my cyber contact with Skempo. Right before my today appointment with Oga Skempo, I have known him as far back as 2011. Then, I used to peruse his wapka website to download latest app mods and browsers. His crew was very good then, together with Babamodder. I was praying I would work with them one day but we all know how venerated hackers and modders behave back then. My last message to Babamodder and Oga Skempo is almost 5 years old and it was still unreplied as at then until I discovered I can knit words together and create interesting stories and then the gods of the internet came knocking. Mind you, Babamodder don't call, he's more like me. He's not the calling type. He's the shy type I guess, most people with sporting wave hair are.

Oga Skempo had called me one holy evening like that. I had just finished my assignment, I mean the plateful bowl of eba I was served as dinner. He'd called to encourage me to keep up the good work (my posted short stories) and that the future is bright. From that day onward, Oga started replying my messages. And that was how it began until he conceived the dream of creating our beloved website,
So, Sir Busari Omotola Adeyinka. Happy Birthday to you. More happy years, more progress in good health and more cheddar. That's what can keep girls coming and the face less dusty
and the rest is history.

My phone rang again, "Hello sir", I said. "Where are you Femi", Oga Skempo replied, "I've been waiting for a while now. Oga mi, I'm already at the bus stop but I can't see you yet sir", I said. "Don't worry, I've sighted you. I'm crossing now, Look at your back", he said

I turned and I saw a man. He was almost like my height but I am taller. I'd eat more than enough beans while growing up. He was wearing an Afro haircut, a very dusty one. He looked like someone who has just escaped the grip of Shekhau from Sambisa forest. I pitied his hair. But if his hair was badly dusty, his face was worse. The dust on his face made him looked like it was Michael, his son that did a makeup for him. It was like a disastrous use of Marykay powder by a kindergarten. I smiled, not only because of the MichaelAngeloic makeup the dust had done on his face but because it was nice to finally meet this wonderful man that had inspired a lot of people just from wherever he's appearing from.

I wanted to laugh at his Sambisaic look but I know that's what riding a bike from Iwo to Banana city would do to anyone. "Welcome to Banana city sir", I greeted. He laughed in that his trademark style. "Its nice to finally meet you scholar Femi", he said. "It's nice to meet you too", I said.

I stood beside him to confirm if I was the "taller" and I am. I wonder why he still bears "OmoTaller" if he's not that tall in height. But I dare not tell him, maybe another day I will but definitely not today. I walked him to my crib. On our way, we called Babamodder. He was sounding shy like we're trying to implicate him in a stage coup. I really don't have much to say either. We hung the call and proceed home.

There's a lot to plan at home. How to re-design hub201 and the party that he's inviting me to the next day. It was really a fun-filled weekend. Yeah it was and it was not till after I concluded my Harmattan semester exam that I've heard enough fun like that.

Oh! I almost forgot.
Today's Oga Skempo birthday.


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