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10 Amazing Ways to Say "I Love You" Without Saying a Word

We all want to feel loved and appreciated. And when that love comes from our spouse, it’s a deeper kind of joy. If you want to keep your marriage exciting and new, you have to continue to find ways to show your love and appreciation. I do believe we have to hear the words often, but at the same time, simple expressions or actions of love can go a very long way. Here are 10 ways to say ‘I love you’ without saying a word:

1. Take Care of Business

You know that thing your spouse has been asking you to do, but you just haven’t quite gotten around to it yet? Stop thinking about it. Schedule a time and just get it done.

2. Surprise Date Night

Is there something your spouse has been wanting to do or somewhere they’ve been wanting to go? Take time to plan out a surprise date night, so they know you pay attention to details. And they may have a surprise for you in return when you get home (*wink). 

3. Cuddle

Nothing turns your spouse  on more than just holding me and cuddling. Many times, it's about just spending time just being close. Intimacy comes in many different forms, and if the only time you try to be intimate with your partner is during sex, that's a problem. Take time for kissing your spouse and loving on them without expecting anything in return. 

4. Just Because Gift

It’s great to get presents for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. But it’s even better to get them for no reason at all, other than you’re loved. You definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money at all. But showing that you put some thought into it, will go a long way. 

5. Support Them

Sometimes we may not always understand what our spouse's dreams mean. I love the quote: “Don’t expect people to understand your grind when God didn’t give them your vision.” However, just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean you can’t support it. Following your dreams is a very scary thing to do, and when the one person we need support from the most, doesn’t support us, it can be very devastating. So take time to encourage your spouse as they pursue their dreams. 

6. Go Old School

Think back to a time in your marriage (or early dating years) to a time that made your spouse super happy. What was it that you did? Where was it that you went? Is there a way that you can re-create that moment just for them? Just the fact that you try to give them something because you know it made them happy, is enough in and of itself. 

7. Do It Any Way

Whether it’s a specific activity (like going out to dance) or going to a specific place, can you find a way to do the things you don’t necessarily like to do, but brings great joy to your spouse? Maybe you don’t do it all the time, but you come up with a frequency that works for you. When you do things you don’t like to do but your spouse appreciates, you will begin to see reciprocation of that love in many other ways. 

8. Upgrade

Maybe you can’t quite afford that new car your spouse has been wanting yet. But maybe you’ve noticed your spouse hasn’t bought any new clothes in a while. Or maybe you’re tired of seeing them walk around with that cracked up phone. Is there a way for you to surprise them with a small upgrade for something that will put a smile on their face? It could be as small as a pair of shoes, or as big as a new TV or small shopping spree. 

9. Put Your Spouse Before Technology

At a time where we’re so technology driven, it’s become second nature to check your phone often (Especially here in Nigeria). Because of the work that I do, it can definitely be a habit to be on my phone. Try and give your children and your spouse permission to call you out if you're on phone during  family time or any time during date nights. You can also turn off your phones and spend time looking into each other's eyes. 

10. Take Care of Yourself

I'm a firm believer that the more you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of your spouse and your family. If you don't take time out to regroup, recharge and reconnect with who you are, and what you need, chances are you'll take your stress and frustration out on your family. Encourage each other to take some time for yourselves, whether it's hanging out with the fellas, or a girls' night out. 

What ways do you tell your spouse you love them without ever saying the words? I'll  love to hear from you, thanks and don't forget the share buttons!


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