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Five Best New Illustration Tools You'll Love

If you are a designer and you work on logo designs, I am sure you're going to find this very helpful. Some of these tools might not be new, some are updated but I am sure you'll want to add them to your illustration tools.

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Check out Five Best New Illustration Tools

01. Paintstorm Studio (version 1.52)

5 best new illustration tools for March 2016 

Paintstorm Studio comes packed with features such as the ability to create your own custom panels. You can build them quickly and easily, keeping handy only the tools you use most. This helps to keep your workspace clutter-free.

Close gap is also a cool feature. Like most programs, you can define your own custom hotkeys. However, Paintstorm Studio allows you to define three separate sets of hotkeys based on your individual projects.
The brushes are nothing short of amazing. Top it off with an automatic vanishing point perspective tool, and you have one heck of an amazing app.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, iOS (iPad)
BUY NOW ($12.99 - US) | BUY NOW (£9.99 - UK)


02. Astropad Graphics Tablet (version 1.3)

5 best new illustration tools for March 2016
Astropad Graphics Tablet turns your iPad into a drawing tablet for Mac. In fact, it works so well I almost categorized this as 'hardware' instead of software.

Recently updated to better support the Apple Pencil, Astropad Graphics Tablet allows you to connect to your Mac using Wi-Fi and USB. Once connected, you can use all of the tools on your desktop, like Photoshop and Illustrator while drawing directly on your iOS device.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, iOS (iPad)

BUY NOW ($12.99 - US) | BUY NOW (£14.99- UK)


03. Hideaway Case for iPad Pro 12.9

5 best new illustration tools for March 2016
Hideaway Case not only rugged, but it has a built-in pocket for the Apple Pencil.
The case is made of an impact resistant, dual-layer silicone/polycarbonate material. With reinforced rubber corner. It also offers a built-in, multi-angle stand that allows you the illustrate without having to hold the iPad on yout lap or with it flat on the table.

The only drawback with the Hideaway case is that it's not currently compatible with the Apple Smart Keyboard. It also doesn't include a screen cover.

Compatibility: iPad Pro
 BUY NOW ($69.95 - US) | BUY NOW (£64.95- UK)

04. Assembly (version 1.1.2)

5 best new illustration tools for March 2016 

With over 180 shapes included, and not specifically for 'illustrators', Assembly is one of the easiest design tools.

Assembly is a vector design app for iOS. It's available for both the iPad and the iPhone – which is amazing since it's not often you get to see such a powerful drawing app on the iPhone.

In addition to its powerful tools/features like smart snapping, adjust fill, stroke and shadow, Assembly offers devices syncing with iCloud. You can also easily share high resolution JPEG, PNG and SVG output. There's also an option to share editable Assembly projects.

Compatibility: iOS (iPad/iPhone)

05. Paper by FiftyThree (version 3.5.0)

5 best new illustration tools for March 2016

Paper by FiftyThree is another app that recently received an update. The new update introduces automatic text formatting, as well as the ability to send text and photos, from other apps, directly to Paper.

With Paper, you can sketch just about anything. But you can also use Paper to take notes. Having been a fan of Paper since day one, this new update – along with previous ones – shows how committed the developers are to making an excellent drawing app.

Compatibility: iOS (iPad/iPhone)

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