Saturday, 8 August 2015

The most annoying thing about using Wi-Fi on your iPhone now has a solution

Every iPhone user's most annoying dilemma while connected to Wi-Fi: You're surfing the internet, and the Wi-Fi network you're joined to starts slowing down or stops working altogether.
On a normal day, you would have to turn Wi-Fi off manually on your iPhone or reset the router to fix the problem.

That will no longer be the case because Apple is adding a new setting in a coming version of the iPhone's operating system that intelligently switches on your cellular connection when you have a bad Wi-Fi connection.

Screenshot of the Wi-Fi Assist setting (techinsider)

According to Tech Insider, 9to5Mac found a new setting called Wi-Fi Assist in the latest iOS 9 Beta. When this setting is enabled, it will "automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor."
Which means you no longer have to switch off Wi-Fi to maintain a decent internet connection.

Apple hasn't said exactly when iOS 9 and this amazing feature will be released to the general public, but industry experts are guessing most likely in September.



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